The S.O.A.P Encounter helps hurting individuals and move past their emotional and spiritual pain. The S.O.A.P Encounter is for people who have a sincere desire to face life and successfully transition away from past or current painful situations.


The S.O.A.P Encounter offers a diverse platform of interactive workshops, seminars and panel discussions that are created to address core issues that we all struggle with but often avoid.

This powerful and unique three-day encounter is designed and created to provide a safe environment where people can RELEASE past hurt and RECOVER from the pain. Then life can RESUME with a renewed confidence and focus.

THE S.O.A.P Encounter is based on Christian values and tradition. However, expect much more than just another church gathering. Prepare for an experience that will change and redirect lives. Healing of emotional and spiritual wounds, gain strength by connecting with people who have faced similar circumstances and be encouraged by the powerful testimonies of others. Expect a Powerful, Transformational and Inspiring experience!

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